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If you have a website or a Facebook Page, please feel free to link it.
Do you have a physical store / Do you expose in a Gallery / Do you have a famous office =  Do you know somewhere very representative of the business you're in?

It's important for us to know in order to find your new followers based on their geolocalisation habits. Ex: If you are a chocolate brand, you want to be able to find people who recently went to a Chocolate Museum near your place. That's what we'll do, but you have to tell us first.
Last questions, it's very important for both of us that you answer it with meticulousness.

Who are your competitors (+ their usernames) on Instagram ? Give us between 12 and 25 usernames . (Don't forget the "@" in front of it) *

By competitors we mean : everyone who is relatively active in the same ecosystem than yours.
Ex : " @elonmusk", "@theogosselin", "@architecture_hunter", "@petrolicious", "@sothebys", etc..
What are the most popular and accurate hashtags relevant to your business? Give us between 10 and 15. (Don't forget the '#' in front of itBe careful, hashtagging is a serious matter *

For someone working in the art business, it could be: " #art #artlife #dailyart #artiste #artistes #artist #artwork #artbasel #artstudio #artist_4_shoutout #exhibition " etc .. Don't know which hashtags to use ? Give a quick look at the ones your competitors are using ;) 
Finally : What are you Instagram Logins ? We need them in order to connect our software to your account.

Username + Password. Don't worry, that's the state of the art. Our competitors are asking the same from their customers. We're currently working on a solution to allow you to connect yourself on our software. It's safe.
{{answer_56739440}} Thank you for you time. We are sure you'll be happy with our services. We are commited to your Instagram Growth and we'll deliver the best to you.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us at iggrowsocial@gmail.com
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